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There are approximately 40 million lawsuits filed every year in the United States, and about 95 percent of those lawsuits are filed in state court.

Every day, people file lawsuits against their employer or former employer (it was recently reported that Florida leads the nation in the number of employment lawsuits), lawsuits against corporations, bankruptcy, contract litigation, real estate, appeals, and many more.

An experienced trial lawyer understands the nuances of litigation, and they know how to tell their client’s plausible story to a jury in a way to convince or persuade a jury to rule favorably. They understand how to command a courtroom, but before you can get to the courtroom, there are pre-trial matters that need to be addressed, such as pre-trial motions.

Knowing which pre-trial motions apply to your case is invaluable. An experienced attorney knows how and when to file a motion for default judgment, motion for summary judgment or motion to dismiss your case. A motion to exclude physical evidence or witness testimony could get evidence or damaging testimony removed from a trial. A motion to change venue may be filed if the jury pool is prejudiced against your case. These are just some of the pre-trial motions experienced litigators know how use to benefit their client’s case. But other pre-trial matters could include negotiating pre-trial settlements or plea agreement.

As your trial begins, experienced trial lawyers are masters of voir dire, the process of identifying jurors who can be fair and impartial. Not only do they understand how to identify potential jurors, but they also know how to make informed strikes and challenges for cause.

After voir dire, there are opening statements followed by the presentation of evidence, direct examination of witnesses, cross-examination of witnesses, and then dismissal of motions or motion for direct verdict. Then the defense presents their evidence followed by rebuttals by the plaintiff. The defendant and the plaintiff make final motions, and then closing arguments are made by both sides.

If you are seeking litigation or litigation is being brought against you, seek out a law firm you can trust. The attorneys at Tshai Wright Law Firm have the experience and years of trial experience to best handle your case.

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